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Your gift will move you from potential to your place of purpose

‘A man’s gift [given in love or courtesy] makes room for him And brings him before great men. ‘ Proverbs 18:16 AMP

‘You have so much potential.’ Those were the words I kept hearing over and over again until I got tired of hearing them. Wasn’t I doing enough for me to get recognition beyond ‘potential’? What could I do instead to move from having potential, I wondered. Why wasn’t I doing enough? I was tired of the mundane cycle of being almost there but never really there.

I made a decision. To put my very best in applying the one biblical principle God had revealed to me, that is, putting everything I have been equipped with to work. Here is what I learned: your gifts are how God wired you. God gave these to man in order to properly function in our area of calling.

Although the education system has trained men to think nothing more of gifts than just hobbies, both spiritual and physical gifts are essential in fulfilling one’s purpose. Here are 3 things your gifts will do for you.

1. It will move you from frustration
Your area of expertise comes with the grace to do something with ease. Any frustration that comes with monotony in life is eliminated by what you have to offer the world. No amount of hard work will replace it. However, in order to master your gift, you need to exercise it.

2. Position you for purpose
How God wired us, is an indicator of where God has called you. Unless realized and exercised, they will remain just that, potentials. Years ago the Holy Spirit showed me how my equipping was not necessarily for me. Whilst we may benefit from them, they were designed to serve God’s people better, which is the foundation of man’s purpose.

3. Give you access to people and places you wouldn’t otherwise have without it
Our study text tells us that our gift brings us before kings. Access to people and environments of a high caliber is usually through grace or unusual exceptionalism or distinction from the crowd. Your gift offers both. 

Prayer for giftings

Dear God, thank you for how you have wired me. Thank you that every perfect present you have put in me is for the service of your people to your glory. Show me my uniqueness with everything that you have invested in me. Give me the wisdom to see where I can apply these and courage to step out and apply them. As your word declares, thank you Lord that my gift will make room for me and set me before great kings.

Thank you this area of grace is the key to my purpose and grace. Father, open my eyes and heart to the specific area of calling. Show me Lord the spiritual and natural gifts you have given me. I pray all this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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