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Your gift will bring you deliverance

‘A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. ‘ Proverbs 18:16

Now that you have let go of your past and made the decision to move forward, I welcome you to the month of no excuses. Say what now? Yes, you read that right. Do you ever find yourself thinking about a dream or desire you have and saying this: I’m not qualified enough, I do not have the time or resources, I do not have the skills required? Well, don’t we all at pivotal moments in our lives. I know I have.

Imagine if this entire month you stepped out in faith and did all that God has laid on your heart to do, all that you desire to do with no excuses whatsoever to wake up, work out, apply for an opportunity, make time for the Word and prayer. What would your life be like in 30 days? Well, it is not for one to guess, but a challenge you can take up. Giving an excuse or reason not to do something is so much easier than actually doing it. Here is why, it is not just one step, it is taking complementary steps to the one big one you initially make. It’s committing to making that same step every single day despite how everything is turning.

Today I want to encourage you to exercise the gift God has entrusted you with. The bible says your gift will open doors for you and position you where you need to be. Take Joseph, for example, he could interpret dreams. That was his ticket out of prison. Although he had used his gift to get others out of prison or misery, it was time to use it for himself. Are you feeling imprisoned today? Are you feeling stuck and frustrated by where you are. Sometimes your own deliverance is in your gift. What has God called you to do that will bring you out of that place of misery today? What are you waiting for, plan carefully, and take that chance this month! Do not spend too much time planning. Work out your faith! Exhaust the resources and equipment that He has given you.

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