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Winning without a fight

‘The LORD will fight for you, and there is no need for you to do anything.” ‘ Exodus 14:14 GNB

The many times I stood in the gap for God’s people in dire situations, I was reminded that not every situation is the same. One lesson I drew was that one needs to discern which battles to fight. Although we are wired and trained to fight for what we desire, It is important to understand the situation to ensure God’s will is done every time. If we walk in victory from Jesus’ death on the cross, why are we even having this conversation? Here is why, because spiritual warfare is sometimes misconstrued.

The story in our text talks about a people sandwiched between the Red Sea and their nemesis, the Egyptians. With nowhere to go, death seems like an impending reality. In verse thirteen of the same chapter, God promises the Israelites that the enemy that is hunting them down, they shall see no more. He explained to them that this could only happen if they stayed still. He did not tell them to go to war as was the case in most instances in the old testament. God simply told His people to do nothing about the enemy and continue moving forward.

Much of the dysfunction in our lives is because we fight too much. Some have taken up the sword and are always fighting from a point of the offense. We fight unnecessary battles that God has not ordained or authorized. We fight when not provoked, sometimes we fight with non-existent entities. Whilst warfare is needed, it is not always necessary for us to fight.

Although we are warriors on the battlefront, sometimes a manifestation of God’s promises happens when we stay out of the way. The enemy is quite clever and knows where to hit. And when he hits, he hits hard leaving you bruised and discouraged. Even Jesus, in the Lord’s prayer, teaches us that sometimes all we need is to ask the Lord not to lead us into temptation but to deliver us from evil. As simple as those words sound, they echo God’s words to us today.

God is teaching us to walk in the revelation that sometimes the battle is not ours but His. There is no need to resuscitate battles won at the cross just so you can prove your spiritual prowess. As a son, you have nothing to prove to an already defeated opponent. Other times all we have to do to resist the devil and he will flee. If you have long-standing problems, that have not changed over the years, it could be time to change the strategy, stay out of the ring.

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