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When God speaks, believe Him

‘“When the right time comes, I will make this happen quickly. I am the LORD !”’ Isaiah 60:22 GNB

When God speaks, believe Him. This sounds very simple to do, but when does it get difficult? We can easily discern the voice of God. Whether He has done that through a friend, a loved one, your pastor, a colleague, through His Word, or even in a dream or vision, sometimes we can pick out His voice clearly. We can decipher the message and instantly receive and even believe the prophetic revelation over our future. However, the part that makes it difficult is when the timing is off from what we anticipate.

It gets hard when all of your friends seem to be succeeding, and somehow you always seem left behind. It gets hard when all your friends have long been married, and somehow you can’t seem to find ‘the one.’ Or when a couple of years into your marriage, you still do not have children. It gets hard when you have used every biblical formula you’ve been taught to use, but something seems to have a hold on you. Or when no one is placing a demand on your gifts and talents.

It gets hard when God has called you to a specific place, but the businesses of life have led you to pursue other responsibilities of what God said. Or when God speaks about your healing and deliverance. And yet you are fighting a life-threatening illness or a repetitive habit that is leaving you in bondage, and yet His word declares your freedom. But how do we overcome the anxiety that comes with waiting when the timing is not as expected? Our Father encourages us to make all our needs and request known to Him through prayer.

It gets hard when there is a comparison. Comparison to him, her, or your own ideal. Comparison of your time (or your peers’ for that matter) versus God’s. So, according to you, this should have happened by now. But here is the thing, God’s formula does not classify as a delay. I love how in the text, He declares His Sovereignty above all things, including time. God’s time is always right. Whilst we cannot see everything that is to come and how it will impact the promise, our Lord Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit who helps us in our weakness, even as we wait.

To the sister whose been married and still, no children, when God speaks, believe Him. Look at His track record. All women who were considered barren in the bible eventually fell pregnant. Yes, all of them except one. You know what that means, the odds for you. To the brother whose finances never seem to make sense, it always seems like a cycle of debt, losing money every time you make it, when God speaks, believe Him. He took a man stripped of everything He owned and restored it double in quantity. To the one who is questioning their relevance in this world, whether you will ever find your place of purpose when God speaks, believe him. He is saying to you are fearfully and wonderfully made to fulfill an assignment only you can, and this season is to prepare you.

So when God speaks, believe that He has your best interest in mind, even if it doesn’t look that way. Today I want to challenge you to take an audit of your own life. What has God spoken to you about? Could you write it down? Thank God for it. If you have lost all hope of the promise, take time to pray. Today God is encouraging you that in His time, whatever He has declared, will come to fruition so fast that all those years of confusion, frustration, envy, fear will seem like nothing.


Dear God, I believe in your promise you have for my life. Thank you that all things work together for my good. That even when I do not understand your ways, they are always higher than my thoughts and ways. Thank you for your Spirit, who teaches me to trust in you always. Thank you, Lord, for this season that I am in and the strength for it. Open my eyes to see everything you have for me as I wait on your promise. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen

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