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Trust God, not the process

‘I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. ‘ Jeremiah 29:11 GNB

So many times we have been told to ‘trust the process’. However, nowhere is this mentioned in scripture. Here is the difference Trust the Process is a slogan which is used to mean that “things may look bad now, but we have a plan in place to make it better.” Take note it says, ‘we have a plan’, not God. This goes against all biblical principles we are taught. The bible clearly encourages us to trust in God. Only God knows the purpose for which He created you, only God knows the plans He has for you. He briefly explains what those plans are:

  1. To bring you prosperity. This concurs with the words of Jesus Christ (shared in our previous encouragement) where He says I have come that you may have life in abundance- John 10:10. God’s desire is that you prosper spirit, soul, and body. In all things that concern you; your health, your marriage, your finances, your career.
  2. To bring about the future you hope for. Yes God knows our deepest desires, the ones our souls crave for. The one that takes us back to the source. At the root of our hope, the desire is God’s plan and purpose. That is where God is taking you.
    Trust God through the process. It is Him alone who knows where He is taking you to and how your journey will look.

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