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This is not what God has called me to do

‘The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me. Lord, your faithful love endures forever; do not abandon the work of your hands.’ Psalms 138:8 CSB

Your purpose in life is not supposed to be a mystery. However, sometimes it takes longer (according to our timetable) than we expect. Although we may think we are misaligned with God’s time, the bible says His ways are not our ways. In moments of frustration, you might be tempted to say ‘anyways this is not what God has called me to.’ What you may be doing now may not seem to align with God’s promise of where you should be. God created us to fulfill His purpose here on earth. But what do the years between your birth to the time you stepped into your purpose mean?

Understanding Jesus’ model in fulfilling our purpose is important in winning at life. After He is born, a book that chronicles His life only speaks about him once before His grand entrance into ministry. Do you think that whilst Jesus was in waiting, He too was tempted to say ‘this is not what God has called me to?’ But here is something we learn from this. In waiting, He is preparing to be our shepherd. Therefore, His years of work, ‘during the wait’ did not go to waste. Our calling requires growth. And God loves to groom people His children out of the public eye, in the secret place where it is just you and Him.

Our lives are seasonal. Therefore, we have to be present in that season in order to adequately prepare for the next. Stop living in the future, God wants you to be present in the now. In this month of knowledge, I encourage you to take time to prepare adequately for what God is calling you to. Seek knowledge and understanding. God has invested in us, through Jesus Christ who is alive in every born-again Christian. This does not change based on our frustrations or fears. God’s blueprint for your life should manifest whilst you are here on earth, otherwise, your life is useless.

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