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The doors kindness will open

‘The city and everything in it must be totally destroyed as an offering to the LORD. Only the prostitute Rahab and her household will be spared because she hid our spies. ‘ Joshua 6:17 GNB

Ever noticed how there is calibre of people who seem to always stay afloat or always excel when the world is in total turmoil? I am not talking about ‘faithing’ it till you make it. I am talking about real advantage, pioneering, bulldozing when everyone else seems to be drowing. You wonder what character trait they possess that makes them stand out. Perhaps their resistance or perseverance? For one woman it was a simple act of kindness. When I first read this verse my eyes welled up with tears and my heart with joy. Rahab belonged to a people who practised idolatry. She wasn’t living the purest lifestyle, and had lied to save God’s people. And yet her life was spared.

God was resolute on his decision. Jericho and all its inhabitants would be destroyed, but the lives of one woman and her family were preserved. Although everything else about her outside was so misaligned, her kindness positioned her in God’s will. At that moment, it did not matter that she wasn’t an Israelite or the title she was known by in society. In God’s eyes, she was positioned strategically. She went on to become a part of God’s bigger plan, in the genealogy of Christ Jesus. Rahab made a choice at that moment to become a part of what God was doing with His people. Not only was her immediate family saved, however, this fruit of the spirit saved generations and generations in her family. She dwelt among God’s people and the bible says, her family still does so today. What fruit of the spirit can open doors for you and your family today, and preserve you in the midst of chaos?

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