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Take one day at a time

‘ TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:’ Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMPC

The trajectory of our lives, our destiny, is usually a function (among many others) of the decisions we make as we navigate through life. Sometimes, situations ‘happen’ when we are not prepared or haven’t planned for them. In a bid to ‘get better’ we numb our pain and disappointment by plunging into the beautiful highlights of our friends’ lives, although we never get to see the other side. We compare their progress and success to ours. We feel like we have lost years of our lives.

Envy leads us to want to ‘catch up’, then disaster hits! We end up in a deeper rut than we were initially, and stand paralyzed at crossroads wondering which way to go. Because our decision making at that moment lacks revelation of walking in different seasons, it is motivated by the fear of being left behind. We either do one of the things; withdraw completely or fight the process. In throwing the towel, we give all sorts of excuses of why we haven’t achieved everything we set out to do, and on the other hand, fighting results in short-circuiting the process.

Destiny decisions require patience. Patience with yourself and God. They require one step at a time. Whenever you make some sort of progress no matter how small you perceive it to be, give yourself some credit for that achievement. The text tells us that for everything in life, there is a season and a time. So, whatever season you find yourself in, be sure to do what you are supposed to do in that season.

Do not run in a walking season, do not escape in a fighting season, and certainly do not fight in a learning season. If you fast track and do the opposite, you are bound to end up way behind where you would have been initially had you walked. Do not ever try to short circuit a season based on your perception of what should be happening at any given time. It always leads to a disastrous end.

Take Jesus for example, a man who lived an exemplary life of purpose. The bible tells us of his birth then he appears one time at age twelve then nothing else until he begins his ministry. Scripture also tells us that Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature as He was preparing for His destiny. Jesus understood that the season He was in was for growth. A season He needed to go through in order to fulfill what God had called him to do. And we are no different. We also need to go through seasons, taking one day at a time. They are not to be rushed or fast-tracked.

I encourage you today to take one day at a time. Take time to wait on yourself and God. Take the day as it comes. Plan for it and do what you are supposed to do and let God fulfill His part.

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