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hearing the voice of God

The cost of being a disciple

The cost of being a disciple

Being a disciple is not an irrational decision one jumps into, as success is not a measure of numbers that follow you. It’s like war. You have to assess the resources and weaponry that you have in order to determine whether you can fight and stay standing. When great men and women of God retell their stories of faith in answering the call of God, some leave out the planning stage, causing some listeners to zero in on the faith and miss the working out of their faith.

Discerning the voice of God

Discerning the voice of God easily

Being unsure of God’s voice is evidence of a lack of intimacy in your relationship with Him. The more you know God, the more you are able to recognize and distinguish His voice. It’s like any earthly relationship whether with your spouse, your pastor, your friend, a family member, or even a work colleague. One of the things that help us identify the voice of someone we are familiar with, is how constantly we relate to that person.