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Knowing your inner man


ISBN: 9781370585366

How To Know Your Purpose and Leave A Fulfilling Life

This book will show you how to discover your purpose in life. You will learn how to not only identify key strengths and abilities inside you but also how to apply them in your life for success. As you get to know or already know your purpose, you will refine it, and live a fulfilling life by getting to know the spirit living inside of you, your inner man. The message is meant for you to get to search inwardly, and also allow God to reveal it to you. The author wrote exactly how he came to know his purpose in life and how you can stay on course in yours too, and produce good fruit in your life. The principles are practical and they can be applied to your life daily, yearly, seasonally and throughout all generations. Be assured that, as you do as it says, at the end of its pages you will be in a better place to walk in your purpose and live a very fulfilling life.




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