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Prayer works

‘The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. ‘ James 5:16 ESV

During my quiet time, I recently read about Zechariah, Father to John the Baptist. The bible says, both Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth were upright in the sight of the Lord observing ALL the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly, but they had no children. One would think that even when this couple had done everything right, surely all would be well for them. Well, it was.

Zechariah was going about his routine when God interrupted his “norm”. He wasn’t expecting it, but it happened. We know Zechariah had been praying for this particular area in his life, because when the angel appeared, he said to him, your prayer has been heard. All these years, even when they had advanced in age, they continued to pray for children. You’d think after all those years Elizabeth would pull a Sarah. But because they understood that prayer works, they chose not to look elsewhere for a solution. They remained steadfast in prayer, trusted God, and believed in His plan.

I decree and declare that today God will interrupt your routine to bring you an answer to your prayer!

Prayer works. Not just any prayer, the persistent prayer of a believer has the power to tear down walls and raise up the dead. It has the power to restore marriages, and heal bodies. It has the power to open up a barren womb. It has the power to turn around diagnosis or verdict. It has the power to position one on the path God has for you. God is encouraging you today, that whatever you have been praying for, continue praying. Even if it doesn’t look that way now, your prayer is powerful to bring about the very thing you are praying for. Only believe!

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