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‘ Plan carefully what you do, and whatever you do will turn out right. ‘ Proverbs 4:26 GNT

You have probably heard the saying “there is a fine line between faith and foolishness”. In my study of the patriarchs of faith, I have come to learn that what distinguishes faith from foolishness is an instruction from God. Discovering your purpose is an exhilarating experience that can make you want to leave your norm immediately in pursuit of “greatness”. However, the action one takes to a corresponding destiny decision is crucial in determining the trajectory of where your jump will lead you. One thing to remember is radical faith is not foolishness, it’s boldness founded on one’s trust and dependence on God. The last thing you want to do is to go-go-go with no God.

Our study text today, concludes the teaching that Solomon learned from his father, David. In summary, the emphasis is getting wisdom and understanding. He concludes that wisdom is the most important thing in determining our success, and this is mirrored by his own life. Whilst planning in our Christian circles (especially with regards to spiritual decisions) is seen as lacking radical faith, that is not what God says to us through the wisest man that ever lived. God encourages us to plan EVERYTHING that we do.

Planning is not just one of four business management principles, it is a spiritual strategy that helps focus resources and skills in fulfilling your God-given purpose. As you make destiny decisions, be sure to first, count the cost! This will contribute immensely to determining whether or not you reach the climax of your purpose. In all your planning, be sure to acknowledge God because He will direct your path.

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