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It’s okay to rest

‘I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls.’ Jeremiah 31:25 MSG

One of the commitments I have made this year is putting my very best into everything I do. No excuses whatsoever. Whether in ministry, my finances, business, or marriage. I have figured there is always a solution to any area I am quick to make excuses for. I have challenged myself to be a faithful steward of ALL of God’s gifts in me. Whilst this is noble and commendable, it comes with its toll. Some days, I do not want to get up, but still do.

The Holy Spirit started to remind me that it’s okay to rest. Whilst the last time I had burnout, was over a month ago, I have learned that I do not need to get burned out before I get to rest. If you ask my husband, Happy, he will tell you, I normally do not rest until I feel like I deserve to do so. This means goals are achieved first then rest! This is in no way sustainable. In order to do everything God has assigned you to do, you need to rest!

How to rest in a society that pushes you to work all the time?

But where do we find rest at a time when we feel like we have to double up the efforts in our business to make up for time lost in lockdown? Where do we find rest at a time we are trying to avoid 2020 all over again? When do we find time to rest when we have gone from just a normal 9-5 to becoming a ‘full-time everything? God’s promise to refresh us is an indication that we sometimes get worn out beyond our own capacity to get up on our own, and need Him. How amazing it is that God restores our soul to full working capacity putting together every stretched bit in us. Choose to enter his rest, take up His yoke, and find refreshment, and restoration for the next day.

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