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It’s definitely not your fault!

‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. ‘ 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

It’s definitely not your fault, someone once said to me after I shared about the death of my father. However, for the longest time I used to blame myself for his death. Not that I was at all responsible, however the enemy planted the lie that kept me bound for over 15 years. After discovering the healing power of God and the anointing I carry, I thought maybe, just maybe had I prayed for him then he would still be alive. I was constantly angry at myself for making the silliest mistakes. I pushed for perfection

My deliverance came one morning whilst in bed as I read Romans 8:1 TPT which says: ‘So now the case is closed . There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One. ‘ I felt a weight lift from me. Although I believed I could have saved my father, it was not my fault he had died. And God certainly wasn’t angry with me.

Jesus Christ’s family line somewhat mirrors our own families today. Generation after generation are stories of brokenness, sin, shame, death, and secrets. However, through the lens of these stories, what we see is God’s abundant mercy. God is encouraging us in the text, to cast all of our worries and concerns to Him.

What has brought about your anger, bitterness, paralysis or bad response in relationships? Was it an experience with abuse, growing up in a godless environment or maybe in a culture where you were told you wouldn’t amount to anything that has thwarted God’s purpose for your life? What limitations has your upbringing brought about that are contrary to God’s word about you? I want you to do an honest assessment of your beliefs and how those have shaped your relationships, decision-making, career and even your identity.

Today I want to say to you, whatever that is, it’s definitely not your fault, although you have the responsibility to change it. You can choose knowledge and learn about our destiny based on what God says about you. And this is our responsibility.

It’s definitely not your fault but you are responsible for your life

‘Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.’ Romans 12:2 TPT

Sometimes as believers we put on this mask or we mask up the pain the thoughts and the struggles before God himself because of guilt. What the bible teaches us in the real life encounters God had with his people is that, where there is vulnerability before Him, men and women found healing and fulfillment of purpose. When God says when we are weak He is strong, it means our ability to unmask alludes to the fact that we cannot do it on our own.

God wants to heal you today! He wants you to know that it’s definitely not your fault that the abuse happened. It was not your birth that caused dysfunction and violence in your family. You had nothing to do with the death of your parents. And it’s definitely not your fault that you ended up with a narcissistic spouse. God knows what you have been through and what your truth was growing up.

It’s definitely not your fault that the patterns in your life and bad habits the are seemingly normal and have become your identity. Sometimes even the seemingly good deeds we do built on a wrong foundation keep us bound and striving to prove point. Those are all not your fault.

Change starts with an honest assessment of why you think and respond as you do. Remember the bible tells us that as a man thinks, so is he. This means our response to life, our behavior and actions is a reflective of our wiring (in our mind). If you would like to learn to rewire your mind, I have created this FREE 7 day email course called Mind of Christ where you learn to change your mind into what God has originally wired us to be.


Heavenly Father, thank you for delivering me from the bondage of self-blame. Thank you Father that through the death of Jesus, I am free from any condemnation and I know that whatever has happened to me that has resulted in pain, shame, guilt, mistrust, is not my fault. I commit now to taking responsibility for the life you have given me, so that I can live out your purpose for my life in Jesus’ Name, Amen

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