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God is calling you out

‘ The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s home, and go to a land that I am going to show you. ‘ Genesis 12:1 GNT

Many times when loss or change happens when God has prepared us for it, it’s comforting. What about those times when it’s sudden, and we really have no idea what just happened? Leaving us feeling like we’ve been hit by a ton of bricks. Instead of giving the devil undeserved credit, here is another way to look at it. God may be calling you out of one season to the next. He is shifting your life to realign it with His will for you. In as much as change tends to cause anxiety, the only way you can move into a new season is to move out of the one you are currently in. Although this sometimes may be coupled with pain, loneliness, and fear, this move is an indication of growth. Be on the lookout for the lessons you can learn.

God may be calling you out of mediocrity. Lukewarm and average is not something God wants from you. We are a high calibre of people. As a matter of fact, having the DNA of God, everything we do should be exceptional. There are certain environments that will stifle your God-given ideas and choke your purpose, no matter how hard you try to break out. The routine we become a part of becomes our norm. Therefore, God will cause you to be moved from these places. God’s plan for your life is so big beyond comprehension. It goes beyond what you see in the now.

God may be calling you out of procrastination into your place of purpose. We sometimes find ourselves stuck and frustrated because we have caused our own delay. Other times, we think it’s not yet time. My own experience has taught me one thing, the system will eventually boot you out if you resist or hesitate. Although that place may have been good, it may not always be the best for your destiny. Whether it’s a job, a city, a country, a relationship, or a business. If He has moved you, He knows exactly what He is doing. God is calling you out to where he wants to take you.

Maybe you carried Lot with you when God specifically told you to leave your relatives. It’s okay, God is a redemptive God. Maybe like Abram, you found the place God showed you drought-stricken. No business opportunities, no job, no career development, no future for financial freedom, or your kids. You lost all hope and are questioning your move. Remember this, God is not one to promise, and not fulfill, call out and not assign. Today, I pray that you begin receiving healing for the move, the separation, or loss. Stand firm in the season you are now. God is encouraging you that whatever people or things we are once attached to that have since left our lives, He works it out for your good.

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