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Finding comfort after losing a loved one

‘ Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’ Psalm 30:5 AMPC

She drowned. Those were the words that came in a call that dreadful Saturday morning, July 2nd, 2022. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. It couldn’t be. How can a young girl just die? How do you find comfort after losing a loved one? She still had her entire life ahead of her. But that was the end of her life here on earth. We were devastated.

When we got the news we got into prayer. At that moment we believed God for a miracle. Because we did not have the whole picture of what had happened, we prayed she would be found unconscious but breathing. We prayed she would be found alive. Even with 12 hours underwater we hoped she would still have breath in her or at least be revived. Four hours later we got that text. They found her body. My cousin was gone. I broke down. I was shattered. Somehow I still believed God would perform a Lazarus miracle because I just could not comprehend how a 19-year-old would just die. We all needed a miracle.

How to find comfort after losing a loved one

How do you find comfort after loss? The unseemingly answer is found in David’s story when he lost his son or when Job lost everything He had, and when Paul and Silas were behind bars. That answer is praise. This secret worked for this time too. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, loss of freedom, or loss of practically everything else including your wealth and health.

Praise is the act of glorifying God and giving thanksgiving acknowledging His nature, character, and ability through utterance and singing. Praise recognizes the sovereignty of God. It gives God His place in our lives and reminds us we can only do so much. Praise reminds us of our dependency on our heavenly Father. We are told that praise and thanksgiving broke off the chains for men in jail. Praise brought a child to a woman who was said to be barren and restored the fortune of a man who lost everything. Praise even brought a dead man to life.

Whilst death is a topic many of us shun, it’s a path we all have to take someday. What the life of Jesus teaches us is that death is not age dependent, it’s purpose-driven. The disciples wanted him there longer. However, He had fulfilled His purpose and His death would seal it. This does not discredit untimely death as God promises man long life, nor does it nullify the works of evil machinations of the enemy. However, how can we explain the death of Jesus at such a young age?

The pandemic made us even more aware of how sudden one person can be here today and the next they are gone. If you were to die today, would you know where you would go? This one statement has become the anthem of salvation. Whilst this is a very important question, I’d like to ask an equally important question if you were to die today, would you have fulfilled your purpose?

We are not saved die and go to heaven. We were not created to go through a series of life lessons, apply a few, then die and be long forgotten. Now, that was never the intention of God when He created us. Salvation is not heaven’s ticket, it’s the key to birthright access, the key to a life of dominion and authority. It is the first step to you living the life you were created for.

Even as we mourn at the loss of our loved ones, even when we do not understand the reason it happened, even when it feels like we cannot go on, our hope stays in Jesus Christ. When we look back on our lives, and the things we have experienced and endured we are assured that God has never left us or forsaken us.

When we got to our wit’s end, God lifted us up. When we were about to give up, His grace increased. When we were without, He made provision. When it looked as if it was over God made a way. Whatever the enemy had orchestrated to kill and destroy us, God turned it around for our good. Whilst it may be hard to see good as we go through grief, one sure promise that God gives us is that all things work together for our good.

In our text God gives us another assurance to back up Romans 8:28. He says although you are grieving right now morning will come, and with it will come joy. No matter how long it may seem to take, it’s yours for the taking. It is available to you right now. Our God who is able to bring honey from a rock is the same one who can turn any situation around. That’s a reason to praise Him right there. Make it a practice to praise God in all circumstances and at all times, whether you feel like it or not. Because as spiritual beings we do not wait for feelings in order to exercise spiritual discipline.

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