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Divine promotion

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But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

There are rewards in doing the right things at the right time. Everyone will have a situation, whether good or bad, that they must endure whilst wait on God. At times you move too fast when God wants you to wait. How many times have you done something and thought God had said go ahead but you ended up in a mess? And realized you saw the warning but gave yourself a good reason to continue despite seeing the red flags.

In Isaiah 40:31 the prophet was teaching us the secret to enduring in patience, trusting God for a good outcome of what we are doing. Giving God a chance to be God.

Maybe you did not have enough money to get something done. You probably were not sure which course you were meant to take at school over another, you needed God to guide you on your career decisions. You’ve prayed and are so eager to get the business going or better still invest your money because a deal looks good on the outside.

At times it is those things such as buying something you’ve longed for long, but maybe there is another more urgent need God is trying to draw your attention to. Maybe you were not sure if God has actually given a green light in some area. That is why we have his word as a source of wisdom.

Whats better to wait prayerfully, and have your strength renewed and mount up on wings as an eagle, fly high and be successful and make progress in that area? Or to get moving fast, take a wrong turn, knock on the wrong door and end up in a fix that could cost you money, property, time, your resources, your health or even your life.

God wants you to wait on Him at times. Even when He knows that you are eager to get going, or to get out of certain situation. He knows when it is best to do something. “Gods timing is best” as they say. Start practicing to wait. These four things will happen for you:

1. You will renew your strength (supernaturally energized)

2 You will mount up on wings as an eagle (soar high and mighty)

3. You will run and not be weary (you will move at great speed and never get tired of it)

4. You will walk and never faint (you’l continue to move forward in life and never slow down)

How do i wait upon the Lord?

We wait in prayer. Seeking God about a matter. And allowing Him to be Lord over all that we do. The next time you feel tired of a trial, or sickness, or certain situation that you have so desired change for, just know that you are about to be lifted, to be taken into a new season of refreshing, blessing, and recognition. You are about to take of like never before. Don’t get tired of waiting on the Lord.

God bless you!

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