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how to discover your purpose in life

How to discover your God-given purpose in life

Discovering your purpose in life is the second most important thing after making Jesus Lord over your life. Living your purpose in life, victoriously, is warfare. If you are ignorant of who God says you are and can do, you are bound to live someone else’s life. Let not this be you. Read more to find out how you can know for sure without a shadow of doubt what your purpose in life is.

The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ is Extremely Hungry

Many of us are starving the church. We are like branches attached to the vine without producing any fruit. We have received Christ as our Lord and savior and it ended there for some of us.

eat the bread of sorrows

Do not “eat the bread of sorrows”

There are many reasons why God’s beloved might live a difficult life and eat the bread of sorrows. Some do it to take care of their families, for others because they are still on a journey of self-discovery

The cost of being a disciple

The cost of being a disciple

Being a disciple is not an irrational decision one jumps into, as success is not a measure of numbers that follow you. It’s like war. You have to assess the resources and weaponry that you have in order to determine whether you can fight and stay standing. When great men and women of God retell their stories of faith in answering the call of God, some leave out the planning stage, causing some listeners to zero in on the faith and miss the working out of their faith.

3 gates the enemy will attack to target your purpose

When Jesus was in the wilderness praying and fasting, he was preparing for His calling on earth. His interaction with Satan revealed some trues about how the devil comes to us too. The enemy is only deceptive not creative. There is nothing new that he has to offer. The reason why many fail to distinguish between the voice of God and the devil is that Satan tends to replicate everything that God has already created.

Light up the world

Light up the World

Imagine if every born again christian were represented by a light bulb. How many bulbs would be on right now? I can assure you LESS than half the world would be lit. In a discouraging and hopeless season, how many people have you shared your faith with?

AVoid Distraction In Life

Avoid distractions!

God told Joshua to move forward as he had much more for him ahead than where he was. And all Joshua needed was courage at that moment.