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do not be afraid only believe

Do not be afraid only believe- 7 incredible lessons from Jairus’ story

Imagine going through a period of uncertainty in your life and being told simply to believe. God is an expert at this. He said these words to Isaac after Abimelech had been chased out from the land God had told him to stay. He said it to Moses who was being pursued by Pharaoh, or his successor, Joshua who took up Moses` role as the leader of God’s people. Imagine the shoes he had to fill

The Shunammite Woman

5 incredible lessons The Shunammite woman teaches us

What was stellar about this woman? Her actions! Other than the fact that she was wealthy and influential, her love for God made her stand out. Her revelation of honour was remarkable, serving the man of God and welcomed His presence into her home.

Fight or flight: A scale between faith and escapism

Have you ever convinced yourself that where you are is not where you are supposed to be all out of fear of staying stuck for too long? Maybe you even regretted the last decision you made, which you clearly thought was an act of faith.

I know the plans that I have for you

See it the way God sees it

God sees and judges situations based on an eternal plan that He has for each and every one of us. It could be in your career, marriage, business, family, country, or even the world at large. Everything that happens in our lives, does not happen for one reason or the other, it happens for many reasons that fit together into God’s eternal plan for mankind.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for

Legendary Faith

There are three key things you will need to always survive well and get through life successfully all the time. These three are Faith, Hope, and Love. Here, I am touching the Faith key. Every situation you have faced in life, every goal you have set, every difficulty you have endured, required Faith for you to get past it.

Responding to situations in life (1)

Faith in the midst of adversity

Everyone has a fair share of adversity in life, but how we respond to the adverse situations is what determines the next phase of life that we experience. Some come out alive, and others simply never make it out.