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Are you always missing out on God’s best?

‘Only, let each one live the life which the Lord has assigned him, and to which God has called him [for each person is unique and is accountable for his choices and conduct, let him walk in this way]. This is the rule I make in all the churches. ‘ 1 Corinthians 7:17 AMP

Have you ever asked yourself whether you were living out God’s best life for you? I did once. I remember a time when I went to minister to an entire hospital alone. After realising I was alone, I could have chosen not to go. I remembered that God didn’t call a ministry, He called me, one man. I thought that in that moment I was there because I was exactly who God needed. When I questioned my ability to minister in a different language, when I questioned whether I’d be able to cover the entire ward, the Holy Spirit showed up!

Once I got those ideologies out of the way I let God be God. I had forgotten about the gifts of the spirit that God would use to prophecy or encourage people. I had forgotten that my ability to respond was more than enough to minister healing to the unresponsive. I had forgotten that it was in the name of Jesus I came in and not my own name. So my risk was greater than my own name and the church I was coming from. I was walking in the purpose God had called me to.

What exactly is God’s best?

The text answers that perfectly! God’s best is living out the life He specifically designed for you as an individual. Only the life He has set before us and nothing else. To walk in authority and dominion, in the grace for your place of purpose. Sometimes we miss this simply because God’s best goes out of the confines of what we know. It is like nothing we have know, experienced or even imagine for ourselves.

Imagine Jesus put mud and spit on the blind man’s eyes. Where else is this template in the bible? God going out of His way to speak to a man who had persecuted His people in Paul, probably correlates to Moses’ encounter with God. But what does breaking a man out of jail look like? Or a man throwing himself at a dead man? This speaks true to the instruction to trust God with ALL YOUR HEART and LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

How many times do we miss on God’s best because of the limitations and confines we give God? God wants us to change our perspective and understanding as this can be deceptive! We can only see so far. Get the limitations off and allow God to lead you. God is calling you to greatness. A life that reflects His glory. Whether that is in business, politics, music, ministry, teaching, motherhood. God expects you to break out of the status quo and limitations that you have put on yourself to fulfil your purpose.

Sometimes as believers we live lives that are approved by everyone else but God. The standard has become what the church system has set in place, or what the ‘man of God’ says which sometimes does not align with God’s word or purpose for your life. The basis of our relationship, or lack of it thereof becomes a function of our church attendance and nothing more. God’s best is found in seeking Him out. it is found in the unusual, and sometimes not so common places.

Every man or woman God used mightily, believed God at His word and stepped out in faith. Take David for example. The shift in his life only happened because he believed God’s plan for his life. He believed that what God had said was true and authoritative even when Saul was out to kill him. He believed in God’s mercy even in moments of weakness. What the bible teaches us in the real life encounters God had with his people was how vulnerability before Him brought about the fulfilment of purpose.

The question I would like to ask you today is: What does your personal encounter with God look like? Whilst God cannot do anything out of character, that contradicts His identity and nature (he has exalted His word above His name), He can lead you on a path that is usual to you!


Heavenly Father, thank you for the calling upon my life. Thank you for the boldness to step out into the place you have called me. Thank you for equipping me with everything I need to fulfil your purpose for my life. Thank you for boldness, courage and strength to endure the trials and tribulations that come with that step of faith. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding my every step to walk in alignment with God’s best for me in Jesus’ Name, Amen

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