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An opportunity to make up lost time

‘Make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days. ‘ Ephesians 5:16 GNB

Whilst the pandemic has sent the world into panic mode, nothing is news to God. In the midst of a crisis, it’s not much so in God’s view. As it was with Jesus in the boat, during the storm, it is the same with God during this pandemic. If God clearly instructs us to give thanks in everything, whether we understand it or not, it means there is so much more He sees that we do not. This lockdown is an opportunity to make up for the lost time. Everything you made excuses for, can be done now. Whether that is improving the time spent with the Lord, with family, or investing more time into your dreams, that time is now.

Restoration does not always come as simplistic as we imagine it to be. Sometimes chaos precedes realignment with God’s will for our lives. Other times it comes with escaping an oppressive leader, facing the red sea, and depending on God for your daily bread. Take Isaac for example, his opportunity to prosper was during a severe drought. Joseph, on the other hand, received his crown from a test he received whilst in confinement.

What better way to make use of this opportunity than to pursue your God-given purpose. You can do all you want, all you enjoy and are good at, but if it is not what God has created you to do, it is all in vain! The years of purpose lost to other pursuits can be restored in months during this pandemic. It only takes your willingness and obedience. Take this opportunity to search for what God has for you.

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