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Insist For Your Miracle To Happen

Miracles from heaven

The woman with the issue of Blood, insisted in the midst of the crowd

The blind Bartimaeus shouting to Jesus attention (insisted with a shout for mercy)

The church prayed for Peter, to be released and they continued until he was released

The centurion’s, servant healed

When Jesus fed the 5000, their presence and hunger for the word made them insist on his anointing and he was led to feed them miraculously

The parable of the persitent widow (always pray and not give up, cry out to him day and night). God will see that you get justice and get it quickly. This God calls it faith.

Paul and Silas, praised and they got their miracle the jail gates were opened

Daniel prayed an fasted for 21 days

Insist through prayer, through praise, and through fasting, insist by hunger to God’s word. Insist by always believing (it may seem to late but its not too late),Plead with Jesus for his mercy, shout until he hears you.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Elijah, insisted that it should rain and it did.

Miracles do not happen in the absence of Jesus Christ, they can only happen in his presence.

Do what you can handle, don’t copy the next person or me, don’t do what I did because situations are unique to themselves, don’t do it if you cannot handle, but be consistent until it happens. That’s insisting. Soon enough you will rejoice.

Man ought always to pray and not faint.

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