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5 things that will definitely happen when you pray

woman in prayer

“Jesus was telling them a parable about their need to pray continuously and not to be discouraged.” Luke 18:1(CEBA)

These 5 things will definitely happen when yoy pray to God.

1. There is rich communion and constant fellowship with the Father.

Your number one aim when you pray should be to commune and fellowship with God. Prayer is not only meant for us to ask God to do something but to know that God also wants a close relationship with Him which happens whenever we spend time in prayer to Him.

2. You deal with things in the here and now and some in the future.

Romans 12:12 AMPC says; “Be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation, be constant in fellowship.”Everything that happens in people’s lives has a spiritual source, whether good or evil. This means that having constant fellowship with God through prayer will help you deal with spiritual things happening in the now which can either be the challenges you are experiencing today or the accomplishments that you are working towards. When you pray and constantly fellowship with the Father you settle many things in your life much more easily that will greatly impact your future also.

3. When you pray, you hear what the Lord has to say

One important thing is to be attentive to hear God when you pray. Because God speaks to each one of us in one way or the other. Therefore God wants you to pray because He wants to answer. Without prayer, there would be no answer.

His word in Jeremiah 33:3 says “Cry out to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you know nothing about.”

As you deal with things in the here and now, God’s secrets are revealed on how to handle them. This is how God’s guidance on a matter comes to play.

4. You will receive specific directions and instructions from God.

Prayer gives God all the permission to operate through your spirit and guide you. He can give a word from the bible. A vision or picture to do something for you to get results in what you are praying about. These will come up in the form of an impression in your spirit, your mind and help you to continually function effectively in your area of assignment or placement. Could at your church, your job, business, family, or in your community.

5. Power is released

When the answer comes in prayer, hold onto it and believe it, celebrate it and give God the glory. Your praise to God for the answer causes His power in you to take effect. See James 5:16 in your bible. You can do something about your prayer life.

Have a specific time that you spend fellowshipping and communing with God. Jesus showed us why it was so in Mark 1:35-39. It showed Him what he needed to do next in his life.

Let me suggest that you do this at least 15minutes daily and watch your life grow tremendously in everything as the power of God is released through your prayer.

Things that were difficult will become easier and the victory is first won in prayer only because your battles in life are not against people but spiritual forces.

As you pray you will provoke an answer to an issue, a new idea, the job you’ve been looking for, business strategies, your marriage partner, your purpose and so much more that God desires to accomplish in your life. There are ways you can pray to ensure you get answers everytime. Jesus teaches us this in the bible.

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